Harmony Between Nature and Architecture

The architecture of Oru Maja is inspired by the surrounding lush vegetation, the sea, and limestone cliffs, creating a harmonious blend that is both eye-catching and integrated into the environment. At the heart of the building is a mighty oak tree that the house seems to embrace, symbolizing the unity of nature and human activity. The glass facade behind the oak, combined with wooden panels, adds elegance and warmth to the building, making it a natural extension of Kadriorg Park.

The architecture, created by the renowned firm Architect 11, is characterized by the contrast of solid thermowood and even darker brick. The dark gray brick and Thermory thermowood add visual character to the facade. Delicate lighting ensures the building’s visibility and creates coziness even in the dark, making Oru Maja a standout yet harmonious addition to its environment.

53 kWh

from solar panels

400 m

to the park


energy class


accommodation spaces


offices & commercial spaces

The Pearl of Kadriorg

Oru Maja is located on the prestigious edge of Kadriorg, right next to Kadriorg Park and the Song Festival Grounds, just a stone’s throw from the beautiful Japanese Garden. This ideal location by the sea and close to the city center ensures convenience and excellent accessibility to all important destinations. There is a bus stop directly in front of the building, providing quick and free connections to the city center.

Many important landmarks, museums, health trails, cafes, and restaurants are within a 15-minute walk from Oru Maja, offering abundant leisure opportunities. A short walk away is the seaside promenade and Kadriorg Park, providing opportunities to enjoy peaceful walks and beautiful views.


Quality and Thoughtful Planning

The layouts of Oru Maja have been carefully considered to offer maximum comfort and functionality. The spaces on the first four floors feature elegant French balconies with windows extending to the floor, bringing nature indoors. The fifth floor is designed with setbacks, offering spacious terraces with beautiful views of the sea, the Song Festival Grounds, and Kadriorg Park. Smart locking systems and modern heating and cooling solutions ensure the highest quality and comfort for the building’s users.