The future-oriented urban space is sustainable

Metro’s vision for Marienberg is to create an inspiring, forward-looking urban environment where people can live amidst greenery in a healthy living space. Environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, and renewable energy are integral parts of both Pirita Road 28 and the future urban space. We aim for our development projects to have minimal environmental impact. We use eco-friendly construction materials, energy-efficient systems, and nature-friendly landscaping solutions. We redefine urban space, creating an environment that combines the quality of a private house with the convenience of an apartment building.

Creating a Community and Inclusive Space

We believe that urban space should be open to everyone. Therefore, we want to design Marienberg in a way that offers residents diverse opportunities and services and is also open to the surrounding community. Public areas, such as parks and sports fields, promote interaction and collaboration, bringing joy to local residents and revitalizing the surroundings. At the heart of Pirita Road 28 is a kindergarten with a development-supportive plan for 6 groups. The well-being of the local community is important to us. We are convinced that the best results are achieved through cooperation with various interest groups. We are open to dialogue with the local community, authorities, and other stakeholders to create inclusive development projects. We aim to build trusting relationships and consider the interests of all parties involved.

Quality and Technological Advancement

Our vision for Marienberg includes smart solutions that meet the technological and comfort needs of today’s people. We want to create homes where technology supports and simplifies everyday life, whether through smart home systems, energy-efficient solutions, or excellent public transportation connections. Innovation and offering the quality typical of private houses in apartment buildings are important to us. We exceed expectations and set new standards in real estate development. Our projects are known for high quality, modern architecture, and innovative solutions. For Pirita Road 28, our goal is to redefine urban space and build apartment buildings that are in no way inferior in quality to private houses.